Thomas Rørbeck Nørreby

Thomas Rørbeck Nørreby


I am an interactional sociolinguist and my main research interests are langauge, diversity and social inequality. I am driven by an interest in learning more about the everyday experience of being part of today´s diverse school environments. Therefore, I approach my data with an emphasis on the participant perspective and focus analytically on the ways in which my participants (pupils and teachers) use language in various everday situations to handle and organize their social relations. I understand such practices and experiences as both shaped by and shaping society which allows me to relate my analytical observations to for instance processes of social stratification in today´s Danish society.


Interactional sociolinguistics, youth language, social inequality, languaging, identity, linguistic ethnography, conversation analysis, social media

Primary fields of research

Sociolinguistics, ethnicity, youth language, identity, linguistic ethnography, conversation analysis, social class, social media

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