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The Language attitude studies

In LANCHART’s language attitude analyses a distinction is drawn between micro-analyses and macro-analyses. These are being carried out in five of the LANCHART speech communities: Copenhagen, Næstved, Vissenbjerg, Odder and Vinderup.

The micro-analyses form part of the concluding phase in the sociolinguistic interview. They consist in a linguistic recognition test – followed by questions put to the informants about their opinions and thoughts with respect to linguistic norms and varieties.

The macro-analyses are being carried out with a large number of pupils in the ninth grade. They consist in three types of assessment of voices recorded on tapes. The voices are assessed with respect to (1) a number of characteristics reflecting personality, (2) how far they are speaking standard Danish or not, and (3) whether they come from the nearest large town or from Copenhagen. More can be read about the presentation and the procedure under the section ‘manuals and reports’ (Report on the language attitude analysis in Odder and the contribution to a dialectology conference on Attitudes to language among young people in Odder).


The macro-analyses were carried out at the three following schools in November-December 2006:

  • Øster Farigmagsgade school (Copenhagen Ø)
  • Elverhøjens school (Herlev)
  • Vadgaard school (Søborg).

The total number of informants was 136: The collected material displayed the
same pattern of results as in all similar analyses from other parts of the country – and there were no considerable variations when the material was classified according to ‘neighbourhood’ and ‘ethnic background’.


The relationship between town and country forms part of the presentation of the project for the Næstved region. Thus macro-analyses have been carried out at two schools in Næstved (i.e. St Jørgen’s school and Little Næstved school) as well as two schools in the neighbourhood (i.e. Holmegårds school in Fensmark and Møllevangs school in Rønnede). All the four schools were visited in 2006. A total of 183 pupils in the ninth grade were involved as informants.


The macro-analyses were carried out at Vissenbjerg school in March 2007 and included all the ninth-grade pupils in Vissenbjerg school. The number of informants was 54.


The macro-analyses were carried out at Skovbakken school and Parkvejens school in September 2005 and included all the ninth-grade pupils in Odder kommune. The number of informants was 174.


The macro-analyses were carried out at Vinderup secondary school in August 2006 and included all the pupils in the ninth grade in Vinderup kommune. The number of informants was 85.