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Social media and everyday languaging

This study concerns the role of social media in young peoples’ everyday lives and it addresses how social media can be approached from a sociolinguistic and ethnographic perspective. My research is driven by an interest in how the complexity and mobility of linguistic and social resources across online and offline contexts make sense to the group of adolescents I study.

As a part of a collaborative project I have carried out ethnographic fieldwork among a group of adolescents at a Copenhagen grade school and during their leisure time activities over a period of three years. At the same time I carried out online ethnography by following the adolescents’ activities on Facebook. A recurrent theme in my research is how to approach the study of social media in contemporary society. Methodologically and analytically I argue that it is fruitful to approach social media as connected to other aspects of peoples’ everyday lives. This approach entails a combination of online and offline methods for data collection. The focal areas of this project are:  

  • social media and sociolinguistic normativity
  • social media, semiotic resources and popular culture

Read more about the project
Stæhr, Andreas (2014): Social media and everyday language use among Copenhagen youth, PhD. Thesis, University of Copenhagen.   

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