The LANCHART corpus

Access to

Online access to the LANCHART search engine at requires you to register through as follows. Please note: This requires a KU-username ('abc123'), which in turn requires a Danish social security number. Please contact for more information.


Log in to with your KU-username ('abc123').

Click 'Manage My Access'.


Search for APP-DGCSS-Search.

Wait ...!


When the box with APP-DGCSS-Search appears, click the checkmark once.

Wait ...! The checkmark will eventually turn green.

Click Next.


Click Submit.

Wait ...


Your request has now been sent.

It will be some tome before your request is approved (usually between a couple of minutes and couple of days).


Guide to

You can download our guide to the LANCHART search engine as a pdf here:

Guide to the LANCHART search engine (pdf).

Overview of the corpus data

Get an overview of the corpus data (in Danish).