Book a researcher

Allow us to present the latest language research in your school.

Researchers from the LANCHART Centre are happy to visit your institution to give presentations on their areas of expertise, including language change, dialects, language in social media, language attitudes, language and gender, young people’s language and much more.

Our research focuses on sociolinguistics, including language, society and identity – in other words, language as a social phenomenon.

Over the last 20–30 years, linguistic research has begun to take a serious interest in “spontaneous speech” and “speech-language interactions”. New techniques, including audio-, video- and data-based technologies, have made it possible to capture spontaneous and fleeting speech.

The LANCHART Centre at the University of Copenhagen has amassed a huge amount of material that researchers are examining and analysing to learn more about the state of spoken Danish and how it is developing.

During the same period, social media has made it possible to communicate in completely new ways through combinations of writing, sound and images. This is another important research area for the LANCHART Centre.

Our researchers look forward to visiting your school to share their up-to-date knowledge. We offer presentations designed both for groups of language teachers and for teachers with their students.

We also offer group lectures at the Centre itself.

Speakers: Researchers from the University of Copenhagen’s LANCHART Centre

Duration: Two teaching hours, date and time agreed on an individual basis

Target group: Lower and upper-secondary students. Individual classes or whole cohorts. Lower and upper-secondary teachers.

Price: DKK 4,000 plus travel expenses from Copenhagen.

If your class or school would like a visit from one of our researchers, please contact the LANCHART Centre by e-mail: