Vision of the LANCHART Centre

You make language change
. We all do. We add new words, expressions and sayings. We develop new pronunciations. We make language change and we vary it compared to the neighbor and to a person in the other end of our country.

We say it out loud. At the LANCHART Centre our vision is to speak loud and continuously about language change and variations. Loud enough to let everybody know that language change is unavoidable and that variation is an asset. 


Mission of the LANCHART Centre

The LANCHART Centre adds knowledge
on how and why speech changes. We add real time studies to traditional language history based on written sources.

The LANCHART Centre examines how and why the Danish language changes. Our basis is the Danish speech community.

The LANCHART Centre formulates and tests a model for language change; integrating sociolinguistics and language history. In addition, the model considers biological, neurological, as well as developmental and socio-l psychological constraints on language maintenance and change.

The LANCHART Centre details specific historical processes as possible determinants of change.

The LANCHART project will result in a unique description of the linguistic history of a minor nation-state, based on geographically distributed speech samples.